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General Information

 By means of this privacy statement, “STORE 1.5 S.r.l.” with registered office in Via Colomba 3, 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI), Companies’ Register Nr. VI-368357, tax code and VAT number  03965470242, in its capacity of personal data controller, would like to inform you that REG. UE 679/2016 provides protection for individuals with respect to processing of personal data. We therefore invite you to carefully read this privacy statement (i.e. “Privacy Policy”) which describes procedures and purposes of personal data processing of registered and unregistered users.

For any further explanations or information, or if you wish to enforce the rights indicated by our Privacy Policy, please write to us on email address:
Address for registered letters with acknowledgement of receipt: Via Colomba 3, 36061 a Bassano del Grappa (VI)

This policy may be amended following to the introduction of new law requirements which “STORE 1.5” S.r.l shall have to comply with. We therefore recommend users to check regularly this section for any updates.

This “Privacy Policy” applies only to the  website. In fact, “STORE 1.5” S.r.l. is not liable for the procedures used by third party websites (e.g. linkable from the “Cookie Policy” section) to process personal data provided by users.

If you are under 16 years of age, you may not give your consent without the authorisation of your parent(s) or legal guardian.
Only users who are of age may access the on-line store.

According to REG.UE 679/2016 processing of personal data shall be based on principles of fairness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of confidentiality and rights of users.

“STORE 1.5” S.r.l. undertakes to fully comply with said principles and to this end hereby informs the user that, except for those purposes of data processing for which his/her explicit consent to the release of data is required by law, by surfing this website, uploading or providing personal data, he/she  acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this “Privacy Policy”.

The data controller of personal data is also the legal person responsible for all decisions relating to purposes and procedures of personal data processing and to the means to be used, including the security profile. In relation to this website, the data controller is “STORE 1.5 S.r.l.” with registered office in Via Colomba 3, 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI), Companies’ Register Nr. VI-368357, tax code and VAT number  03965470242.

The data processor is the natural person or legal entity, public authority, service or other body that processes personal data on behalf of the data controller.
As regards the personal data you provide when you browse our website, please be aware that “STORE 1.5” has not appointed a data processor, so that the data will be processed by the employees of the on-line management company.

Data shall be also processed by the employees of “STORE 1.5 S.r.l.”, who shall work as auxiliary staff authorized by the above data processor.

Pursuant to the law processing of personal data shall mean any operation or set of operations related to the collection, recording (…), storage (…), erasure of data (…).

Collected data shall not be disclosed. dati raccolti non verranno diffusi. However, in order to effectively carry out the service required, some information will be shared with third parties, called on to perform special tasks on behalf of “STORE 1.5 S.r.l.” (e.g. banks, professionals and consultants, couriers, etc.).

Your personal data shall be stored using paper/IT systems for no longer than necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected.

The data controller undertakes to protect and keep personal data safe by taking all necessary physical and IT security measures to ensure the privacy of personal data supplied. However, no security system can guarantee such protection with absolute certainty. Therefore, except in cases of liability due to the fault of the data controller, “STORE 1.5 S.r.l.” shall not be responsible for breaches by third parties who illegally access the systems without due permission.


List of the Main Personal Data Processing Activities on the Website.


 1) Identification data shall not be collected by simply surfing the website. However, if the user is registering (for example he’s creating his own “account”), navigation data may be cross-checked against user’s personal data and used to improve navigation. Furthermore, information which is not provided directly by the users shall be collected through surfing and more specifically by using cookies (see below).

2) When registering for receiving commercial communications (e.g. Newsletters) or creating an account, users submit their identification data needed for providing the advertising and registration services . Through these services users release some information that can be used to improve our services (for example, by listing products in their “wishlist”, users will receive notices in accordance with their preferences). Personal data submitted to receive newsletters can be modified or cancelled at any time by signing in to “account”, selecting “newsletter subscription”  and clearing the check box “general subscription” (then save) or using the link “unsubscribe” at the foot of all commercial notices received. Data provided by creating your account can be cancelled at any time by sending an email to the address as well as by giving your name and asking for unsubscription.

3) Online shopping is available also for unregistered users. By shopping online users submit their identification data (name, last name, residence), telephone contact and payment data (i.e. credit card data that are processed only by the provider of “Paypal” online payment service). These data are required for processing the online purchase. Fields where mandatory data shall be entered are shown in the section for the purchase of the product; orders shall not be carried out if this section is not filled in. Users shall enter their data correctly or modify their personal data in the “account” section in case of an earlier registration with subsequent change. The personal data provided will be used to carry out the service requested (shipping and delivery of order), to provide assistance (even in case of returns or replacement of defective products), to comply with fiscal and accounting obligations. Data shall be stored on our provider server and kept in a safe and automated manner. However, we will use data for statitistical purposes.

4) Without prejudice to the regulations on cookies (which should be read for more information), this website does not provide an automated decision-making process for business profiling purposes (targeted marketing technology that includes the collection and processing of user data in order to understand the choices and behaviour of users, in order to subdivide their interests into “profiles”, or homogeneous groups by more specific behaviour or characteristics).


User rights in accordance with EU. REG. 2016/679

Article 13, paragraph 2 of EU. REG. 2016/679 lists the user's rights.

STORE 1.5 S.R.L. hereby informs you that:


- the data subject has the right to ask the data controller for access to its personal data (article 15 EU.REG.) and to modify (article 16 UE. REG) or delete such data (article 17 UE. REG.) or limit any processing involving the same (art. 18 EU. REG.) or oppose processing of such data (art. 21 EU. REG.), and the right to transfer the data (art. 20 EU. REG.);

-if processing is performed pursuant to clause 6 paragraph 1, (a) - express consent for use of data - or clause 9 paragraph 2, (a) - express consent for the use of genetic, biometric, health-related data, that disclose religious or philosophical beliefs or membership to trade unions, which disclose a racial or ethnic origin, and political opinions - the data subject shall have  – the right to revoke its consent at any time, without prejudice to the fact that any data processed pursuant to the consent thereof granted prior to revocation, is intended as legal;

- the data subject has the right to file a complaint with the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, as the authority who is responsible for monitoring the processing of personal data in Italy.

For more detailed information on your rights, please see art. 15 et sequitur of EU. REG. 2016/679.

For any request and/or clarification and more generally to exercise the rights , users may contact the data processor directly to the following email address:




Last modified: January 2017


The “Privacy policy” forms an integral part of the following information, also with respect of user rights pursuant to the aforesaid art. 7.

In compliance with Articles 13 and 122 of the Law Decree 196/2003 (“Personal Data Protection Code”) as well as provided by the “Personal Data Protection Supervisor” with the resolution of the 8th May 2014 for identifying simplified procedures for information and acquisition of consent to the use of cookies – published in the Official Bulletin nr. 126 of the 3rd of June 2014 – and subject to any further amendment, “STORE 1.5. S.r.l.” hereby provides information with this “Cookie Policy”.

 The purpose of this “Cookie Policy” is to provide users with all information relating to art. 13 of the Consumer Code and to describe in a specific and analytical manner the features and purposes of cookies being installed on the site where users can select/deselect cookies.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to users’ terminals when they visit websites (usually to browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), where they are stored and later retransmitted to the same sites upon a subsequent visit by the same users.


Why are Cookies useful?

Cookies are useful because they allow websites to recognise a user's device and this leads to an improvement of the browsing experience. In fact, one of the primary purposes of cookies is to allow users to  effectively browse the website pages, to remind them of their favorite websites, etc.; cookies also help to ensure that online advertising contents are targeted to the particular interests of the user.


How many types of cookies are there?

Cookies are classified in various types: based upon DURATION like the “session” cookies (automatically deleted by the browser when it closes) or “persistent” cookies (active until expiration date or deleted by the user); according to their SOURCE, cookies can be “first-party” (sent to the browser directly from the website user is visiting) or “third-party” (sent to the browser from other websites than the one user is visiting); based upon PURPOSES, cookies can be “technical” or “non-technical”. “Technical” cookies are those used for navigation/necessity/performance/processing or security; also cookies for functionality/preferences/localization/session status are “technical”; finally, “technical” cookies are the first-party statistics/analytic cookies or third-party cookies with IP masking and without data crossing. “Non-technical” cookies are the third-party statistical/analytic cookies without IP masking and data crossing; also profiling/advertising/tracking and conversion cookies are “non-technical”. Prior consent of users is not required to install “technical” cookies.


Does website use first-party “technical” cookies ?

Our website uses “technical” navigation/stricly necessary/performance cookies which help the optimal running of the site allowing users to browse through pages or access protected areas. If users block these cookies, the website may not work correctly. 

Furthermore, the website also uses “technical” functionality/preferences/localization/session status cookies to store the shopping bag content, the site language and more generally the user’s preferences. If users block these cookies, browsing experience would result less functional but not compromised.

Below are some “technical” cookies used in the website:



The association with your shopping bag


Stores the category of information on the page, so web pages can be displayed more quickly.


Products included in the comparison list


Your preferred currency


Encrypted version of your id in the shop


An indicator to check if you are currently logged in to the site 


An encrypted version of the customer group you belong to


Stores the ID Customer Segment


A check that shows if the cache is disabled or not.


Your ID in the server


Allows visitors to modify orders


Last visited category 


Last visited product 


Shows if a new message has been received


Shows if the use of the cache is allowed


A link to the information on your cart and visit history


ID of each questionnaire you recently voted


Information on which questionnaire you voted


Products you recently bought


Information on products you sent to your friends


Selected shop language


Shows that the customer gave his/her consent to cookies


Products recently viewed


An encrypted list of products added to the Wish List


Number of products in your wish list



How can you select/uninstall the above “technical” cookies ?

To install “technical” cookies user’s prior consent is not required. Most internet browsers are already set to automatically accept cookies: with the exception of “technical” cookies which are strictly necessary for navigation, users can always uninstall other “technical” cookies. There are different procedures to unistall them: you can refer to the user’s manual or to the help screen on your browser to see how to adjust or modify settings; users can also have special instructions at the following links (related to the most common browsers).



The above links may be subject to changes: in this case we reccomend the users to check for the instructions to uninstall the cookies of the main web page of their browser.


Does website use third-party “non-technical” cookies?

Yes, it does. Our website uses third-party “statistical/analytical” cookies without IP masking to collect information, generate usage statistics and improve services, with eventual identification and tracking of users to know how visitors interact.

An example of “statistical/analytical” cookie used in this website is Google Analytics at the address: (click it for further information).

Furthermore, uses third-party “profiling” cookies (advertising) to select ads according to what is relevant to the user. “Profiling” cookies aim to create user profiles and are used to send ads based upon preferences shown by users while surfing the web. The following is an example of  remarketing “profiling” cookie used in this website: Double Click the address: (click it for further information) and  Adwords at the address (click it for further information).

This site uses also the Zopim Live Chat at the address : during live chat widget, cookies are installed to identify the device thus improving services.  Facebook profiling cookie is also used at the address:


How can you select/uninstall the above “third-party analytical and profiling” cookies?

By clicking “Continue” on the short information – banner or other ads, going on browsing and access to another website area, users agree to these cookies on their browser. Third-party cookies are not directly controlled by this website, therefore in order to withdraw their consent users have to refer to the above mentioned third-party websites or click on to have information on cookies stored on their terminals and individually disable them.


Our website doesn’t use first-party profiling cookies.


Which are the session and/or persistent cookies installed in this website?

Session cookies are used to store the name, contact information including email address, demographic information such as the post code, preferences and interests, other relevant information such as questionnaires and/or offers, IP address at the time of placing order.

The Adwords remarketing (third-party cookie) is instead a persistent cookie: users are removed from the list when the subscription has expired, unless they do not use the website again (in which case the specified duration is set again).


In any event, for any further information concerning the cookies used in this website, please do no hesitate to contact our personal data processor at