Brian Dales feeds on the deep heritage of knowledge acquired by the Calmonte family over the years, preserving the tailoring tradition of Made in Italy through the creation of garments with a unique and sophisticated style.

Quality, attention to detail and creativity are the pillars on which the brand rests.

The aim is to create exclusive, trendy and distinctively styled outfits. The "well-made", handed down from the first generation, finds its modern application in the research of materials.
The result is a series of bold and contemporary collections, capable of captivating at first glance.
Wearing Brian Dales means embracing the values of sustainability, Made in Italy and aesthetics.


The story begins in an Italy permeated by the fervour of post-war reconstruction and finds its origin in the brilliant intuition of Giovanni Calmonte, Christian and Stefano's grandfather. With an acute vision, Giovanni realised that the fabrics market could blossom into an important evolution, capable of enhancing the emerging Made in Italy sector.

Right from the start, he bet on the exclusive marketing of Italian fabrics and, with patience and tenacity, he built a business empire that quickly became one of the excellences of Northern Italy.

It was then Danilo, the enterprising son and father of Christian and Stefano, who foresaw at the end of the 1960s that the great production challenge lay in the clothing sector. He thus committed himself to the construction of a state-of-the-art atelier and factory in the heart of Bassano del Grappa, the hub and home of the Maison to this day.

His creative and entrepreneurial genius, inspired by the automotive world, influenced his vision of fashion by projecting this passion into the legendary displays at Pitti Immagine Uomo that presented the encounter between man and automobile in an exceptional and elegant style.

His love for cars, also shared with his sons Stefano and Christian, has accompanied him from the 1960s on board go-karts to important competitions such as Formula 3, Formula 2 and Rally.
In 1995, with his brother Renato, he realised a dream by giving life to the famous 'Le Mitiche Sport a Bassano', a legendary event that attracts spectators from all over the world.

2004 TODAY

Year 2004, the beginning of the turning point. Christian, with his strategic vision, joined his brother Stefano to give life to a new entrepreneurial adventure. This is how Brian Dales came into being, a bold and creative brand, which projected the Maison towards international markets.

In the Men's Collection, research focuses on dry fits and a meticulous attention to detail with sophisticated and refined stylistic features.
Christian and Stefano embody a tireless dedication to exclusively Made in Italy production that belonged to their grandfather and father before them, yet they maintain a constant dialogue with global markets.



Research is what really drives me. Working as a cool-hunter I discovered the true concept of trends and it is not we who define them, but the people we dress according to everyday needs, personal style and emotionality.

Transferring trends onto the product is the real challenge. The meticulous study of details and the choice of quality, Italian materials are what then makes the difference.

When I joined the company I was 29 years old and wanted to put all my know-how in International Finance at its disposal.

The challenge was to ferry a historical structure into a new social and economic course. My goal was to structure and streamline the company, catapulting it into international reality.





The collection is developed according to three distinct and defined strands, which are perfectly interchangeable.
Whether it is a cocktail garment, an elegant dress or an easywear item, the Brian Dales product never loses its sophistication.

Trait d'union is undoubtedly the slim fit. The Brian Dales customer likes to present himself to the world with his innovative research and a precious look.


The choice is always based on characteristics such as uniqueness to the touch, brilliance and quality of the yarn.
Everything is dedicated to the care of the production chain, witnessed by the choice of the best Italian suppliers.

Continuous research is carried out into new compositions and the most advanced processing. Directly following all stages of the production process is the added value that makes the garments precious and sought-after.